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@ Apple

My work at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, CA was advantageous and testament to future possibilities

HRP - Hardware Reuse Program 

An Internal program that I helped develop and scale. Saving the company over $500,000 a week by refurbishing and reusing Internal Hardware.

I lead design, implementation, sustaining and management of multiple hardware projects, including diagnostic software engineering, material sourcing, logistics, and warehouse management. This position allowed flexibility and self growth, with very little guidance or quotas to meet My manager and I worked together to develop and scale his idea of refurbishing Apple hardware for special uses internally at apple. I was able to be advatagous and use this position to prove my worth at Apple. Starting as a independant contractor, I was able to show that not only was I worth a full time position at apple, but have since grown to be promoted to Software Engineer Level 3 without a bachelors degree or previous work experience. 

If you have any doubt of my skills without a degree or less experience than others, I implore you to consider the level of work Apple would expect from its employees and compare to what I have been able to accomplish in 4 short years at this company. 

An Excerpt from Apples Environamental report 2020


"  Refurbishing extends the life of devices

Products that last longer make the best use of the resources we rely on to create them. By finding ways to refurbish and reuse these products, we can lower each device’s impact on the environment—including their carbon intensity per year of life. And by building our products to serve more than one owner and encouraging customers to exchange devices for an upgrade, we extend the life of our products.

We collect devices for refurbishing through a number of programs including Apple Trade In, the iPhone Upgrade Program, AppleCare, and our corporate Hardware Reuse Program. In fiscal year 2020, we sent 10.4 million devices to be refurbished for new users. We’ve also expanded our Trade In program to 25 countries, to make this program as convenient and accessible as possible to our customers.

At final assembly sites, nothing goes to waste." 

@ Reno 

After Graduating HS in 2012, I moved to Reno, Nevada for Education and the start of my life 

4 Years at Univeristy Of Nevada, Reno 

Although my Path in life astrayed from a degree, none the less, I studied for 4 years at UNR. I learned high level math, Engineering design concepts, Basic Buisness Mangement and general education courses during my stay. During my education, I also worked full time at various locations around Reno, learning interpersonal skills and adapting to new environemtns.